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MIXclusive: Lil’ Miss of Big Boyz Interview with MixRhythm

17 November 2011 MIXclusive

MixRhythm: Thank you Lil’ Miss for taking out this time for this interview. We at MixRhythm really appreciate it.

Lil’ Miss: My pleasure, thank you for the interview.

MixRhythm: How did your career start?

Lil’ Miss: I’m gonna say that the music is a blessing that came my way. I did not pursue it, I did not sit down and say I am gonna record or go submit my demo to people; it just happened. I auditioned for a different thing entirely, which was supposed to be a UK TV program called ‘Tunnel Vision’. The TV program never happened, but I later met JJC on Facebook and he asked if I could sing. Just like that, I made a short video of me singing and I sent it to him. From there we just clicked. I went to the studio and recorded my first track ‘E.R.E.N’ featuring JJC which was produced by Puffy T. We made a viral video and put it out on Youtube and shared the link. We got a positive feedback and things just kicked off from there. It was just like how people have the talent to sing, but not just pursuing it. JJC pushed me and coached me to become what I am today. From then on, I became a member of the Big Boyz Ent.

MixRhythm: What is your relationship with the rest of the crew?

Lil’ Miss: We are all like one family in Big Boyz. Obviously we have our little arguments, but we settle them very quickly. We all work in harmony and we support each other very well.

MixRhythm: Are you going to college? How are you managing your music career and school work?

Lil’ Miss: It has not been easy. Sometimes I have college the following morning and a show that night. It’s a matter of sleeping as much as I can during the day and heading off to my show at night. The next morning, I’ll carry my bag and go to college. I probably doze off in class, but at least I know I am there, so my attendance record is very good. Obviously, you can’t sleep throughout a class. Being sincerely honest, I bunk like a class or two, and get my friends to cover up for me. But yea, it has been really hard. That is what most people don’t wanna do, combining music and academics. That is why I wanna show people that you can do both. You can go to school and still do music, even though it might seem like one will affect the other. For you to strike a balance between both, that means you won’t have a social life, you won’t have time to go hang around with your friends at parties or the cinema ‘cos such time is spent at the studio recording or burying yourself in your books.

MixRhythm: How supportive are your parents with your music career?

Lil’ Miss: The reason my parents are supporting me to do music is because I came to an agreement with them that if my grade points drop, then I’m gonna put music on hold till I get my grade points back up. And it is not a very difficult thing, regardless whether I am Lil’Miss an artist, I am still me. My parents can still scold me and be like no music for you today, you have to read your book and I have to. One reason most parents don’t support their children going into music is that they feel like once you get into music you will dropout. I did two years of college and I am still doing music and I am still gonna get my degree. I’ll be like I went through school and did music at the same time. But it is all about commitment, the type of people around you and time management.

Sometimes I miss a show because I have an exam the following morning. Big Boyz is quite a big team so when I am not there sometimes it doesn’t really matter, but when they need me, Lil’Miss, as an artist on stage, I have to go there, sacrifice sleep and go to school exhausted the following morning.

MixRhythm: At this point I’ll say let’s get all the nonsense rumours out of the way. I heard this rumour about you…

Lil’ Miss: A rumour about me? Oh my God there are rumours about me? I haven’t heard any rumours about me but go on…

MixRhythm: You and JJC, what’s the story? Is there anything special happening between you two apart from music?

Lil’ Miss: Are you serious?! Please, please! JJC is my boss and that is all. I don’t know how people can come up with such things in their head, it’s kinda mental. JJC is quite older than I am. I am not saying some people wouldn’t do it, but I don’t see him in that way, and he doesn’t see me in that way. He sees me like his daughter. So that is incest if such a thing ever happens; I see it that way.

This is pretty much the only rumour I have heard about me, but it has been a long time ago. I had someone DM (Direct Message) me on Twitter and asked me about this. And same response I gave then is what I am giving now.

MixRhythm: Since there is nothing with JJC, are you dating anyone? Any celebrity date?

Lil’ Miss: Isn’t that my personal, personal stuff? But no, I don’t wanna give people things to feed on and talk about. I like my life, very simple, very plain. I am single, and I am married to my music; music is my boyfriend.

MixRhythm: You recently went to Naija, right? Was it a personal trip or for show biz?

Lil’ Miss: Yea, for four months. The thing is, this year Big Boyz Ent. planned on showcasing artists. We claim to be Nigerian artists based in the UK. The UK knows of us, but the Nigerian part we are claiming do not really know of us. So obviously they have to showcase us in Nigeria. I hadn’t been to Nigeria since 2006, so I visited my family and friends, but it was mostly shows and shows and radio interviews and TV stations.

MixRhythm: Did any of your fans recognize you on the streets?

Lil’ Miss: Big Boyz Allstar has a video tittled “Se n Gbomi Dada” featuring Ice Prince which was airing on TV stations before I came to Nigeria. So I had some dude walk up to me and told me my face looked familiar. So I thought he meant he knew me, as in personally, and not as an artist. Sometimes I forget I am living the life of an artist. I totally forgot my face was on TV so when he told me he knew me, I replied sorry I do not know you. My friend had to nudge me to remind me that he must have seen me on TV. I had to apologize because I felt really bad because such a person might go around and start a rumor that I am sassy. I was not used to someone walking up to me and telling me that he knew me as an artist. And it was a dude, you know in Nigeria you see a girl, walk up to her, start with telling her that she look familiar and next thing he wants your number. So I had reasons to react the way I did, but I apologized, so it’s all good. But now I am used to such public appreciation from my fans. So if anyone comes up to me, even if I don’t know the person I always reply nicely. It’s all about being respectful and showing love to fans. If you don’t, who is gonna support and love your music?

MixRhythm: You know you as a relatively new name in the industry, you have some success already. How do you feel about the likes of Wizkid and Olamide who are also on the limelight?

Lil’ Miss: To Wizkid and Olamide I can’t really relate, because they are guys and they do their own thing. But when I see people like Mo’Cheddah who is a female artist, pretty young, and she is on the lime light, I say God bless her. She gives me the feeling that an artist doesn’t have to be in her 30s for her to be listened to. See the likes of Justin Bieber and Willow Smith, they are very young and very successful. Africa also has such talent to showcase.

MixRhythm: Such young, fresh talent is what you represent. In which shows have you showcased your talent recently?

Lil’ Miss: I have been on the biggest African platform in the UK, organized by Cokobar. They organize the biggest African shows here. I have also been on the o2 Arena, the Wande Coal tour, and I opened a comedy show for AY. I was also on Basketmouth’s ‘Lord of the Ribs.’ Also the Ankara Festival and the Notting hill Carnival last year during Nigerian Independence Day celebration. In Nigeria, I performed for Etisalat at UniAbuja. In Lagos Big Boyz got hosted by 360 Bar at Elegushi Beach. We also performed in Ibadan.

MixRhythm: Your song “Patewo”, is it a personal story? From where did the inspiration come?

Lil’ Miss: What would music be if it is not something you feel? I am not saying that someone broke my heart and I decided to go into the studio and write that song. It is just one of those days you go into the studio, listening to a beat and you get inspired by the beat. One thing that came to my mind was heartbreak. It is not a personal experience, but something the whole world can relate to. It doesn’t necessarily mean heartbreak by relationships. The message is basically regardless whatever situation you are going through, always learn from it and become a stronger person from it. It is not someone broke my heart that means I’m not gonna give another guy another chance, but someone broke my heart and I have learnt from him so I am not gonna make the same mistake again. That is the message I intended to pass across, but I guess those with broken hearts can find solace from my message.

MixRhythm: Is “Patewo” part of an upcoming album?

Lil’ Miss: We already have the Big Boyz Allstars album which is a compilation of songs by Lil’Miss, 2Kriss, Femcee, Tipsy, Noni Zondi and JJC. “Patewo” will be a part of this album. I want to offer something to the society and from the reception of my songs I will know whether I have to work harder or know that definitely I have to start working on my album. Regardless I am still making music which might go into my album, but for now it is all about the Big Boyz album. The album is ready, but there is no release date yet.

MixRhythm: Thank you once again for your time Lil’Miss.

Check out the amazing talent of Lil’Miss on the video of “Patewo” below.

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  1. GbeduFather   On   November 19, 2011 at 2:09 AM

    Great interview! I like her flow in the “Se n Gbo mi” Video. She is sexy thou! Good job Mixrhythm.

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