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MixRhythm Interview With Ayo Jay

21 March 2012 MIXclusive

At MixRhythm, we constantly have our ears on the ground for fresh talents with very promising careers in music. Ayo Jay’s voice on the chorus of Cap B’s recently-released “She Like It” was too good to ignore. MixRhythm’s Zee sat down with Ayo Jay for this exclusive interview.

MixRhythm: Tell us about yourself

Ayo Jay: My name is Ayoola Ogundeyi Junior aka ‘Ayo Jay’. I’m a 22 year old full time college student pursuing a degree in Finance and Investments. I am also an upcoming singer and song writer.  I was born in London, England, and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. In my spare time, I write songs, watch and play soccer, and read a few books.

MixRhythm: What is your background in music?

Ayo Jay: I realized I had some type of singing and songwriting ability when I was aged 12 but I ruled out music as a career option mainly because I am a somewhat shy person and I was not necessarily keen on the spotlight that comes with being a musician/celebrity. However, at age 19, I found myself writing and singing a lot more than usual; and I was receiving a handful of very encouraging comments about the few songs I had written. So I thought “Hey maybe this is what I am really good at. Maybe this is what I am going to do for a living”. Now aged 22, I am really beginning take it serious as I have noticed that my fan base is increasing each day.

MixRhythm: Did your parents approve your career in music?

Ayo Jay: My father does not know I sing yet but my mum is a big fan. I recorded a song and sent it to one of my sisters, who without my consent played it to my mum. She called me immediately to confirm that I was indeed the person singing. I said “yes”. She said “you have my support”. I am not too sure how my father will react because I am sure he

would rather I took up a white collar job. I am hoping my success in music will encourage him to support me.

MixRhythm: Do you have a mentor?

Ayo Jay: Wande Coal! I wouldn’t necessarily call him my mentor because a mentor is someone who directly helps someone in achieving their goals. He is more of an idol. I just love the guy. In my opinion, he is the most talented Nigerian artiste, period! It would be a real honor to work with him.

MixRhythm: In terms of music and fashion how will you define your style?

Ayo Jay: In terms of music I am quite versatile. I can work with anything that has elements of Pop music, Hip-hop, R&B, and African traditional music. In terms of fashion, I like to keep it simple but a little stylish. You know they say the best dressed man is the man whose clothes you never notice. I like dress shirts, blazers, dark colored jeans, a dressy belt, and some sharp looking dress shoes.

MixRhythm: Are you under any record label?

Ayo Jay: No I am not currently signed to any label. However a few labels have expressed interest in me. Talks are ongoing. I will definitely let you know when a final decision is reached.

MixRhythm: Are you currently working on a new single?

Ayo Jay: Yes a few singles actually. I just have to release them when the time is right. At the moment, I am really focused on creating a good buzz for myself by doing choruses for other artistes. I want to show people glimpses of what I am capable of before I release my first single. However, I may release a ‘freestyle’ or something like that next month.  Again, this is aimed at showing people glimpses of my ability.

MixRhythm: What are the titles and their release dates?

Ayo Jay: Unfortunately I cannot really tell you at the moment as I have not decided which song to release as my first

MixRhythm: How did you meet Cap B? Where and when?

Ayo Jay: I met Cap B in August 2011. I was at a friend’s, Melvin, studio just having fun and ‘freestyling’ on some beat he made a while ago. I recorded the freestyle but I did not think too much of it. A few days after, Cap B went to the same

studio and Melvin played the freestyle I did. Surprisingly he liked it a lot and was convinced that I could do a great job on the “she like it” beat. He got my contact information and the rest as they say is history.

MixRhythm: If you had the opportunity to collaborate with an artiste who would you prefer?

Ayo Jay: Wande Coal for sure. I would also love to work established acts such as Eldee, Wizkid, Vector, M.I., Ice Prince, and Davido. Upcoming acts I would love to work with include Yaylow, Yung6ix, and Ripstar. I think they are all excellent upcoming rappers.

MixRhythm: Do you ever think your music will become an inspiration to others? How?

Ayo Jay: Definitely! Although a lot of the songs I am currently working on are up-tempo, club-driven songs, they have a storyline as well as an underlining message to which majority of the listeners can relate. God has blessed me with a good voice and good songwriting ability, and even though that may not be enough to change my country or the world for the better, I hope my music will inspire people who can.

MixRhythm: So any last thing to say to all your fans?

Ayo Jay: Please keep believing in me because I am sure I have a lot to offer through my music. I love you guys and I promise to keep releasing top quality songs.



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