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MIXclusive: Jerriey’s Interview on MixRhythm

8 April 2012 MIXclusive

If you are a lover of good Nigerian music, you must have heard “Kpomo Men” by Jerriey of Goblin Records. The track and artist are currently pulling lots of attention. MixRhythm’s El Sabio sat down with Jerriey for an exclusive interview with the talented act.

MixRhythm: Thank you Jerriey for the time granted to MixRhythm for this interview. At MixRhythm we go miles further for talented Nigerians who need to have their voice heard. Your music has captivated us, we need now for your story to be heard even further.

What is your background in music?

Jerriey: I developed interest in music at age 9, primarily because my elder brother was in a music group, watching him do his thing just fascinated me, few years later I started practising, then I had my first studio recording at age 17. That’s when it all started.

MixRhythm: What do you hope to achieve with your career in music?

Jerriey: I hope to become a household name, make records that people can enjoy now and after my time, win awards, use my status to develop other artistes and help people in anyway I can.

MixRhythm: Have you released any albums or are you currently putting one together?

Jerriey: I have not released any album. But I am working on my a mixtape called “DICE” which will be released in the second half of 2012. My new single “Kpomo Men” will make the mixtape. I’m also working on a fresh single for my album.

MixRhythm: How would you define your music genre and style?

Jerriey: I’m a hip-hop artiste that can sometimes delve into other genres like R&B and Reggae. Let’s just say a unique type of rapper.

MixRhythm: How do you think they (your music genre and style) fit into the Nigerian music scene?

Jerriey: It fits perfectly because I talk about the general things every youth and adult go through daily, I speak their minds. Also, my delivery is kinda a “Super Ability” LOL!

MixRhythm: Your recently released video “Kpomo Men” showcased lots of vibe and energy from you as well as your lyrical genius. Do you write your songs?

Jerriey: Yes, I write most of my verses, I freestyle till I get a nice rhythm for the song but I still have a few tracks on my mixtape that I freestyle on throughout. The freestyle thingy  comes with the mood

MixRhythm: Will you perform in any shows in the near future?

Jerriey: Just did some shows in the last few weeks, hoping to do some more in  coming weeks/months. Especially because the reception of the “Kpomo Men” single has been great, I thank God.

MixRhythm: Any last words for the readers?

Jerriey: On a last note I will like to say a big shout out to #TeamGoblin and #TeamJerriey and to every single person that has supported me so far I say ‘We gonna get there surely’.  We’ll Keep growing. Shout out to the MixRhythm team for having me on…Bless!

Check out the video of Jerriey’s “Kpomo Men” below!

Download audio of “Kpomo Men” -> HERE

Other previously released singles by Jerriey:

  1. Engima (Beats by Don Jazzy)
  2. No Time & Temperature (Double Release)
  3. Just Dance & So Right (Double Release)



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