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MIXclusive: C-Real’s Interview with Mixrhythm

30 June 2012 MIXclusive

C-Real defines himself as one of the “realest” hip hop artists in Ghana. Why not? We have listened to him, Channel O has listened to him and awarded him winner of the Channel O Sprite Emcee Africa Competition in Ghana. That’s why Mix Rhythm felt real proud to be approached by his promo crew to publish this exclusive interview.

1. Tell us about the C-Real brand. How would you like the fans to perceive you as an artist?
The C-Real brand is a true Hiphop brand. My music, poetry and spoken word are all aimed at delivering creative content through the various mediums for my fans.
With C-real it’s not just about music, it’s about GOOD music. Content, style and skill are paramount in all that I do as a rapper and that is the main feature that fans can associate with me. I believe they search for new C-real content because they are entertained and pleased by the surprises that I deliver each time.
My battle rapper side has also made my music come across as competitive and artiste comparison is the main focus of most of the traffics that I have featured on with other artistes.

2. What is your story in the music industry, from start till today?
My Story in the music industry is atypical. I started out as a copywriter putting my writing skills to creative use in an advertising agency. That however didn’t go on for long as I left there and decided to find a bigger and more natural outlet for my creativity so I started MixDown Studios. I pretty much did the same things as a copywriter but the only difference was that I also gave the platform to hone my skills.
Then came the Emcee Africa competition. This was my first major break as a rapper in Ghana. Of course just coming out of the woodworks and winning a regaled competition like that was not taken so lightly by the other rappers who had already been in the game struggling to make it. Nonetheless, I went on to represent Ghana in South Africa and Botswana and emerged as the No.2 Emcee in Africa.
After that I took the music career one step at a time. First releasing the acclaimed “Multiples Of C” mixtape, Followed by the “Project Hiphop” Mixtape with EL and now the highly anticipated “Em.C.E.O” Debut Album.
Between these three main projects I’ve had a vast array of features and solo tracks that are doing well on and off radio. Not to speak of the Music Videos and performances.

3. You mentioned on your bio that you offer listeners more than just baselines and repetitive choruses. How have you achieved this? Do you feel that music fans explicitly know this about the C-Real brand?
The last thing a music fan let alone a C-Real fan will expect from me is a mundane, myopic and shallow song. Like I said. I focus on creativity and meaningful content.
There are a lot of songs that aren’t helping Music from Ghana in any way because the artistes can’t see past their immediate gains. They’re hungry; understood.
I’m hungry too. But I’d rather take the time to work on a source that will be timeless rather that a fleeting trend. Baselines and Repetitive choruses are music101 and I don’t think any music fan should assess that as talent.
I would like to believe that music fans; C-real fans who listen to me appreciate my skill, content, humor and delivery. I’ve heard and seen fans countless time appreciating what I do and it’s part of the driving force that keeps me going.
My Fans explicitly know and I’m sure they are content with my content.

4. How are you managing studying an MBA, running your music studio (Mixdown Studios) and also pushing your music career?
In all honesty it’s no joke. There are but only so many hours in a day and it takes a lot of discipline and sacrifice to be able to apportion the right amount of time to the right activities. My energy and strength are also limited so I find myself always having to schedule EVERYTHING I do.
All in all though it’s been a great challenge and a true eye opener and I pride myself in the fact that I accepted the challenge. School will never change, Music is always a part of my and work is play. That’s how I choose to think of my MBA, Studio and Music career.
Fortunately though the MBA won’t take forever so once attained it will be but an advantage for me. Being an MBA Hiphop star. Lol

5. We at MixRhythm love your track “Do the Azonto” featuring another heavy weight in Ghanaian music, E.L. But when will the video be released? Fans are begging for it.

Do the Azonto is also a personal favorite of mine because once again EL and I did what we do best. We made MUSIC. A lot of criticism surrounded that track on its release but after a very short while all the haters and doubters were going “ga’ga”.

We shot the video late last year but due to some unforeseen problems with the production company that worked on the video we were unable to release it. When the video was finally made available to MixDown Studios we were not satisfied with the execution and decided to start from scratch.

We’re currently working with Pascal Aka (Obuu Mo) on a new concept and execution to give the fans a music video that truly embodies the energy, fun and happiness that the track portrays. El is currently in London on tour so we’ll be shooting when he returns.

I appreciate the fan’s patience and implore them to keep the support coming.
“Do The Azonto” Video will be out BIGGER, LIVER and BETTER than they ever imagined.

Soon enough.

6. We have noticed Ghanaian and Nigerian artists are increasingly cooperating in music, like D’Banj and Sarkodie of recent. If asked to choose one Nigerian artist you would like to release a song with or perform with, whom would it be and why?

I’d love to do a true Hiphop track with MI Abaga. For the obvious reason of featuring with one of the most praised and acclaimed Hiphop/Rap icons on the continent.

MI is good and I believe a track with both of us on it would take Hiphop from Africa to a new level.

7. If you are asked to change one thing in the music/entertainment scene in Ghana, Nigeria or Africa as a whole, what would it be?

IF IF IF IF I could! I’d change the nonchalant attitude of DJ’s, Music Execs and promoters and get them to support the acts that truly have something to offer Music from Ghana, Nigeria and Africa at large.

Let’s face it, we all complain about the standards of songs but always forget to ask the people who are pushing such songs to the world. We need standards.

8. Any last words for your fans?

The Fans should keep the support, love, critique and ideas coming. I’m but what they make me and so far so good.

I have worked hard on my debut Album to show the World that Hiphop knows no bounds or borders. From the Bronx, Accra, Lagos, Jo’burg or Cairo, Hiphop is Hiphop.

Fans should look out for the Em.C.E.O Album (out Late 2012)

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