Welcome to a detailed review on Ice Prince’s first Album “Everybody Loves Ice Prince#E.L.I First impression – the album art cover is very colorful. The E.L.I album contains 17 tracks ranging from different genres of music. Let the Review begin!

Track 1 – Remember (Intro): As the title suggests, Ice Prince used his first track as an intro to the album. He showed respect to “those who paved the way for him”, including all the Nigerian musicians in history whose hard work from long ago have led to the blooming music industry we have today, including Modenine, Ruggedman, Tony Tetuila, Eedris Abdulkareem, African China, Sony Nneji, Onyeka, eLDee, and Fr3style, to mention but a few. What really caught my attention was that this track gave me a feeling of what to expect from the album: good lyrics, excellent production, and originality. Mouth-watering stuff.

Track 2 – Juju:Every time I see myself I feel like say na juju dey worry me; I no fit explain everything, I dey feel what I feel like mumu dey worry me”. That was an excerpt from the chorus of this track which is dedicated to all the haters who are always criticizing what Ice Prince does. Not just haters, but fake friends and those who used to show love but now hate on his success. The gist of the track is easily applicable to lives of almost every other individual, making it an attractive track for fans. I can totally see people jamming this track on repeat in their cars.

Track 3 – Superstar: Any Ice Prince fan must have heard this song long ago. It was released as a single, and the video is already hitting thousands of views on youtube where it is receiving mixed reactions from fans. In any case, this is a heavy party track; no way will this track drop in a club and you’ll remain seated.

Track 4 – Magician ft. Yung L & J. Milla: This is a more relaxed track, with a raggaeton feel. I recall Ice Prince mentioning on a recent interview that he digs Vybz Kartel. So if you know Vybz Kartel, you’ll know what to expect from this track: hailing the body of the rude girl and the effect the sexy body has on the rude boy. Correct party grinding track.

Track 5 – Baby: The first few lines of this track will let you know immediately that it’s a love song, that’s if the title didn’t give you a hint. The beats have a traditional Igbo, highlife feel, just like D’Banj’s “Fall in Love” but slower. The Igbo spice in the track reminds me of home.

Track 6 – Olofofo ft. Wizkid: First impression of this track, what’s that “Olo-olo-olofofo” voice in the beginning and end? It totally sounded out of tune. Wizkid’s magic indeed lifted this otherwise average track. In any case, do I see myself replaying this track? Don’t think so. I stand to be corrected, but I doubt this track will be a hit.

Track 7 – See Myself: As usual, Ice Prince’s lyrics are attractive. But the downer in this track is the chorus. No doubt it’s easy for anybody to sing along to “I think I see myself” repeated over and over and over again. Yet another average track.

Track 8 ft. Tuface – Wussup Wussup: This track is thanks to God for his support. Tuface’s feature on this track gives it the uplift.

Track 9 ft. Brymo – Oleku: What’s there to say about “Oleku” that no one knows? Arguably the hottest track of 2010, already lined up for many awards, cut across not just Nigeria but the world. I remember the first time I heard this song was a TURKISH friend who sent it to me. Funny thing is that Ice Prince said in an interview that he did not expect “Oleku” to be such a hit. And he also confessed that the release of the unofficial video was depressing for him. In any case, Everybody Loves Oleku.

Track 10 – Find You: Emotional track by Ice Prince, dedicated to his passed-away parents. He really did justice to this track. Ice Prince said in an interview with Vanguard that if he had one wish, it would be for his mum to be alive for the release of his album. The most touching part of this track is the speech made by Ice Prince’s younger sister. Chai!

Track 11 – By This Time ft. Wizboy: Another track with traditional Igbo feel. I love the blend of Ice Prince’s flows with the Igbo-ish chorus. Maybe featuring Flavour N’Abania would have raised the quality a bit more, like M.I’s “Number One”. But still, very good track.

Track 12 – Somebody Lied: Ice Prince told a bit of his story from Jos to Lagos on this track, referring to the struggles he faced and how success isn’t easy to achieve and the lies of jolly life in Lagos. But in the end, he said it was also a lie when he was told he wasn’t going to be successful. Another lovely track

Track 13 – Small Small ft. Sean Tero: A mellow track with a catchy hook and a great chorus by Sean Tero. Good to hear Sean Tero sing again, he has been in scene for a while.“We still twenty sumthin and still making money…”

Track 14 – Dat Ni***a ft Morell: “Am that Ni**a never laylow, see am all about the Ego….” Morell killed the hook and Jesse jagz anointed the beat. Feel that Ice Prince could have gone harder on this joint. Okay track thou.

Track 15 – End of strory ft Samklef: Another nice track in the album, y’all already know who be upon the beat – Samklef noni. more of a fun song. Well all samklef signatory beat have made hit tunes.

Track 16 – Rain Drops (Its all good): A slow song, just an okay track; could have been better. A church track? maybe..

Track 17: Thank you ft. Choc boiz: “Am feeling fine my men!..” one of the correct joint on this Album. Egbon Brymo did justice to the hook. All other members also did well. I see this track having massive airplay. “flow yi o sumptious awon fine boys looking for a fine girls…”- Brymo

Overall, Not a bad album at all considering its Ice Prince’s first album. It worth the buy. If not for anything, at least buy the album for “Oleku” and “Superstar”. Good job Ice Prince! Be sure to check our music player for E.L.I tracks. Enjoy our track pick below;

“Ice Prince Ft Yung L & J. Milla – Magician” Download

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“Ice Prince ft. Wizboy – By This Time” Download

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