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Weekend Groove Jamz for your Stress Free Weekend

MixRhythm Radio was launched to provide a platform for upcoming on-air personalities, talk show hosts, DJs and musicians to influence listeners worldwide.

We are looking to hire a dedicated music enthusiast join to our team. This is a part-time job that requires few hours a week to complete the required task.

MixRhythm is a nonprofit platform. As you can see, our website and radio station is completely advert free but you will be compensated with cash for dedicating few hours a week to MixRhythm Radio.

**There are NO blogging, article writing, entertainment gossip etc. associated with this task**

You get to acquire expertise in online radio platform, WordPress and mobile app integration.  All software and training required to perform the task will be provided for free.

The Ideal representative will be:

  • Computer savvy
  • Have knowledge in WordPress
  • Music lover and up –to-date with latest music
  • Active on social media

The task function are listed below:


  • Manage and update show schedule
  • Create pages for new shows, talk show hosts and DJs
  • Update slide banner and time schedule for shows
  • Update video page with new and trending videos

Social Media

  • Manage MixRhythm social accounts (Facebook, Instagram & Instagram)
  • Increase MixRhythm radio app downloads through promotion on social media
  • Reach out to upcoming on-air personalities, talk show hosts and DJs

Online Radio

  • Properly tag Mp3 files and upload on radio server
  • Organize music folder on server
  • Create and schedule radio shows (Live and recorded)
  • Create different music genre playlist on server
  • Update server with new and trending music

If you are interested, Please complete the form below.

Application for MixRhythm Representative