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Family Tears

Bringing Back Love to the Family

Family Tears (the show that brings love back to the family) is a show with podcast drama, stories, voxpops, interviews and discussions on issues that relates to the family.
Feel free to join the show by writing in the comment box what your opinions about matters discussed on a previous show is. Also, you can request a song!
Every new edition of family tears will begin with the podcast of your comment and you will listen to your song request.

Previously Aired Show

Aired on June 5th 2016
Family Tears (Episode 5)

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Aired on May 8th, 2016

Family Tears (Episode 1)

Share your opinion today, it will go a long way in reuniting a family.

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  1. Damilola Okereke   On   July 4, 2016 at 5:40 AM

    Keep this up!!!! When I was little, I kept grudges when I was asked to do chores at home but when I got to know my doing them were for my good, I got cheerful when I was asked to do them.
    As for the Lady, she should call an elderly person to intervene and apologise to her elder sister.

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